What´s vertical farming?

It consists of the growing of horticultural products inside buildings under totally controlled lighting, climatic and hydraulic conditions and where mainly hydroponic or aeroponic growing systems are used. This technology allows you to grow crops anywhere in the world regardless of external climatic conditions. Vertical farming turns agriculture into a more sustainable and controlled process.

Water consumption reduction

Production with high water savings in comparison with conventional agriculture. Since water is a scarce resource, we encourage optimization of the use of this resource.

Pesticide free

Dealing with closed and controlled cultivation systems, we guarantee that the production will be free of pests and diseases.

Reduction of food transport distances

By growing at places of consumption or processing, factories carbon footprint is significantly reduced CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases associates with transport. In short, this technology promotes (and encourages) the consumption of nearby products, reducing the impact of the carbon footprint.

Less food waste

Indoor systems increase the amount of useful product. Besides, they get products with larger lifetime due to the reduction in time for the product to reach the point of consumption.

Minimum land use

With this system, the production in 1 m² can be 250 times higher than the production of a conventional crop.

Location close to the costumer

These systems favour the development of sustainable and self-sufficient cities since they can be installed near to the consumer area, distribution centres or processing factories.

Farmitank technology

The building

Its patented design is innovative and disruptive with respect to other designs of vertical farming systems on the market. The crops are grown inside an isothermal, modular and extendable in height stainless steel tank.
This system occupies an area of 40 m² and there are different models from 6 to 18 meters high, reaching up to 400 m² of cultivation.


The lift

This is a system that makes Farmitank unique. This working platform allows all agricultural tasks to be carried out at the respective crop level, thus providing easy access to the plants and minimising crop movement, resulting in optimised sowing, transplanting, and harvesting times.


And also...

Integration of technologies

Through its control software, Farmitank makes it possible to control the lighting, climatic and nutritional conditions demanded by the crops. This promotes quick growth, a quality end product and a high degree of replicability, regardless of external weather conditions and other environmental factor.


The cultivation system is unique, as it integrates labour-optimising automatisms such as sowing machines, transplanting robots or cutting machines for aromatic herbs or micro-shoots.

Variety of crops

Farmitank is especially designed for the growing of green leafy vegetables microgreens and herbs. So far, more than 40 crop varieties have been validated, obtaining excellent productive results in each one of them.

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