The main objective of LIFE FARMITANK is the implementation of a novel business model based on vertical farming and the demonstration of the environmental and socio-economic benefits that it entails. The environmental problem that LIFE FARMITANK aims to solve is to reduce the excessive use of resources in the horticultural sector and the main expected result is the technical and socio-economic validation of the business model, through the production of horticultural crops inside a removable cultivation tank under 100% controlled conditions.

Current problems

  • Much of the world’s population is hungry.
  • Shortage of available farmland.
  • Soil acidification caused by pesticides use.
  • High freshwater consumption in the agricultural sector.
  • Food production altered by adverse weather and pests.
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the food sector.

Future problems

  • Exponential growth of the world’s population.
  • Increased demand for food.
  • Increase in the area of land required for cultivation.
  • Increased demand for fresh water.
  • Increased consumption of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Climate change.

How can we feed ourselves without destroying the planet?

  • Reducing food waste and meat consumption.
  • Reducing carbon footprint avoiding food transport by supporting local production.
  • Integrating innovative technologies in the agricultural sector.
  • Integrating seed and crop technologies with appropriate management practices.
  • Involving consumers in this problem.
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture in socio-economic and environmental terms.


Sustainable development goals

LIFE FARMITANK supports the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals and focuses specifically on: