Participation in the conference on Intelligent Agriculture

Participation in the conference on Intelligent Agriculture

On 5 May 2022, Mr. Vicente Parra participated on behalf of PARCITANK and as project manager of the LIFE FARMITANK project, in the conference “INTELLIGENT AGRICULTURE: Crops with agrotechnology”, organized by ITECAM and held at the Barrax Innovation Hub facilities. The LIFE FARMITANK project was presented as a smart and sustainable agriculture solution for more than 80 attendees.

The conference focused on addressing, from different points of view, the application of innovative technologies in agriculture. The topics were addressed by experts in precision agriculture, who presented the latest advances and projects developed in the region on: Remote sensing for agronomic management; variable dose fertilization; variable dose drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, as well as the potential use of soil and plant sensors for irrigation. To deal with these issues in detail, the presentations were given by professionals from companies such as Agrisat Iberia and Parcitank, as well as researchers and professors from the Agroforestry and Cartographic Precision Research Group (PAFyC) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the Center Research on Desertification (CIDE-CSIC).

You can watch the presentation made by Vicente Parra in the following video, starting at minute 2:50:50.

Intelligent Agriculture - Barrax Innovation Hub

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